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The Headstrong vision


We love football. That is the beginning and end of it all. We want to play the game. Watch it. Be overjoyed by it. We want the same for our kids, and their kids as well. And we want the best for the game. This is why we created Headstrong. With the aim of making the most comfortable and best protective headgear for football players, soccer in the US, and help reducing the risks of getting a head injury. With a design that would not impair – or even help players improve - their heading ability. Headstrong players confirm that we have achieved our goals.

The development of the right solution


The inspiration for Headstrong struck while watching the biggest game of all – the 2014 World Cup Final. Poor young Christoph Kramer, a surprise call-up for Germany, was struck on his head after fifteen minutes. He was inexplicably allowed to play on for another fifteen minutes before he was substituted, obviously having sustained a concussion.

Not having any memory of the greatest game of his life is bad enough. Risking permanent damage from a head injury that might have been avoided, and should have been taken more seriously, is even worse.

The problem existed close to home, for us as well. We have kids, kids who play football with passion and heart, and we watched how the game became ever more physical and intense even at youth level. Players are faster and stronger than ever, and collisions are harder – and head injuries ever more common.

After the similar NFL debate, the spotlight soon hit ‘real’ football as well, and rules were starting to be put into place to limit heading – consequently altering football forever.

A couple of years ago, the Headstrong project was launched. We were driven to create a product that was both effective in preventing and pre-empting head injuries, comfortable, and ideal for heading. It was a long road we had started down – and after testing several solutions we found the breakthrough: The invention of IMPALT (Impact Absorbing Liquid Technology). By adding a core of a liquid gel we were able to create a very effective impact reduction from hits to the head.

Headstrong is developed to help reduce the risk of head injuries – and will allow heading to remain the integral part of football it has always been. Our mission is to protect players and the game – instead of banning headers.


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