Impalt technology

The impalt
liquid core

The Headstrong Headguard is fitted with a patented invention called IMPALT (Impact Absorbing Liquid Technology), using a liquid gel core to better absorb and divert the energy of impact to the head - than the foam based products seen elsewhere. IMPALT allows Headstrong to significantly reduce the impact of collisions, elbowing and other blows to your head’s most exposed and sensitive areas. Whether the hits are smaller or very severe. As you know a hit to the head always hurts.

IMPALT absorbs energy from impact and collisions, protecting your head from knocks, and reducing your risk of head injuries.

IMPALT technology visualized in Headstrong Headguards

Two layers of
memory foam

The liquid IMPALT core is encased in two layers of Memory Foam. The foam adds another two layers of protection and comfort in case of contact. The foam and liquid combination has ensured that Headstrong has a proven Best-in-Class impact reduction capability.

Seamless, soft
and flexible

The Headstrong Headguard is soft, light weight, designed to stay in place and to be comfortable to wear all the time. It comes in 6 sizes to match your head perfectly. Choose a tight fitting size as the headband will widen a bit with time – better that it feels a bit too tight in the beginning.

Inner silicone padding
for better grip

A head guard has to stay in place, whether you’re dry or sweaty, and if you have long, short or no hair. Headstrong is designed with an anti-slip silicone surface on the inside. It keeps your head guard stay in place whether you are running, challenging, sweating, heading, or in other words: It stays in place when you play the Game.

Silicone imprint on the Headstrong headguard for improved grip
A player wearing protective headear winning a heading duel

optimized for heading

While padding at the back and sides is essential for your protection, heading is still essential to your game. Headstrong only has a thin fabric layer at the front, which frees you to head the ball as effectively as ever – and the front panel is printed with a silicone pattern, to increase control of the ball when heading.